Top Beauty Women Web Site : "Fiona Lowry has won the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize."

Juni 19, 2010


Sydney, The 34-year-old took out the $100,000 prize for her self-portrait What I Assume You Shall Assume. The work depicts the artist standing naked in the Belanglo State Forest, where the infamous backpacker murders took place, and is a part of a series. Lowry says this is the first major art competition she has entered. […]

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Top Beauty Women Web Site : "Indonesian PROSTITUTION"

Juni 18, 2010


Indonesia In mid-1997 hundreds of Indonesian women, most under 20 years of age, were in prostitution in Saudi Arabia. (Mien Sugandhi, Minister for Women¹s Affairs in Indonesia reports, “Hundreds of RI¹s Women Believed To Work As Prostitutes in Saudi Arabia,” Kompas, 7 February 1997)In 1996, 17 Indonesian women working as housemaids abroad were killed or […]

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Top Beauty Women Web Site : "Britney Spears : Hot Circus Mash-Up"

Juni 17, 2010


Britney fans Geri, Rob and Frankee sent me this 8-minute Circus mash-up video, and I just had to share. We all know that I rarely post fan vids, so the fact that I’m doing this means that y’all had better watch it… ’cause it’s HOT. The costumes and effects are killer — and Frankee’s moves […]

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Top Beauty Women Site : Paulina James to Portray Lindsay Lohan Nude in Porn Flick

Mei 29, 2010


Rumors about Lindsay Lohan nude photos are floating around the Internet. Until they surface, however, we may need to settle for the following: The adult film geniuses that brought fans Britney Rears and J-Ho are coming out with a new movie in October. Its title? Lindsay HoHand. Officially called Lindsay HoHand: Get Out of My […]

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Top Beauty Women Site : Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton Porn Movie in the Works

Mei 28, 2010


And to think, Paulina James thought she had the celebrity porn movie world all to herself. The adult film star, who will be portraying Lindsay Lohan nude in an upcoming flick, now must deal with the fact this sex-filled spoof won’t be the only title of its kind coming out in the near future. Venom […]

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Top BeautyWomen Site : Anal sex – what women like/dislike

Mei 17, 2010


There is a wide range of people who practice anal sex. The reasons why people like to practice anal sex vary greatly. Some men and women say that anal sex enables them to reach orgasm, with or without simultaneous stimulation of their genitals (penis or clitoris). Generally, for women, pleasure is derived through anal intercourse […]

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Top Beauty Women Site : Annie’s Mailbox

April 15, 2010


Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar Dear Annie: I am 16 years old, and my friend “Kelly” is 17. Last week, Kelly went to a party where there was alcohol. She got a little drunk and then drove her brother home, along with one of his friends who stayed over. She was asleep when her brother’s […]

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