Top Beauty Women Web Site : "Britney Spears : Hot Circus Mash-Up"

Posted on 17 Juni 2010


Britney fans Geri, Rob and Frankee sent me this 8-minute Circus mash-up video, and I just had to share. We all know that I rarely post fan vids, so the fact that I’m doing this means that y’all had better watch it… ’cause it’s HOT. The costumes and effects are killer — and Frankee’s moves are spot-on. Not to mention that the girl is gorgeous (in a completely straight, platonic kinda way… we all know that my heart belongs to Brandon Stoughton.) The vid includes my favorite Circus tracks: “Womanizer,” “Circus,” “Out From Under,” “Kill The Lights,” “If U Seek Amy” and “Unusual You.” If they’d included in “Blur” and “Shattered Glass” then it would have been perfect, IMO. Those eight tracks are my absolute faaaavorite. Enjoy!
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