Ford unveil the new C-Max

Posted on 3 Oktober 2009


The Ford C-Max is basically a Focus derivative. It utilizes the same wheelbase as all of the Focus variations and will have an overall length of 172 inches. Rather average in the Focus lineup until you get to the interior space, here the C-Max excels. This is partly due to the elevated roofline which makes the C-Max a car that is easy to enter and exit considering its size. It also boasts generous head room and foot room for those riding in the second row seating. The second row seating is formed by three individual seats rather than the traditional bench seating one would expect in this vehicle. This is a very versatile vehicle that allows for a multitude of adjustments. The only drawbacks to the seating arrangements is that the seats do not fold flat and they are somewhat lacking in the comfort department. The C-Max comes in two model sizes, one that is designed to be a five seater and the newer model which is designed to be a seven seater. The seven seater model will have sliding rear doors in order to give easy access to the rearmost seating.

This Focus derivative is surprisingly nimble and responsive for a microvan, due to it’s communicative steering and responsive gearbox. The brakes are pleasingly responsive and the chassis isn’t excessive in body roll. The higher roofline does make it more susceptible to crosswinds and the larger cabin does have a bit higher noise levels.

This little microvan is expected to get a combined 32 miles per gallon in the manual transmission and 29miles per gallon in the automatic versions. The U. S. version of this peppy little van will feature 143 horse power 2.0 liter four cylinder engine, some models might hit American soil sporting a 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine that produces 134 horsepower. The turbo diesel with a six speed dual clutch should produce 41 miles per gallon in combined driving.

This little gem will also sport a whole range of new Ford technologies including semi-automatic parallel parking and a blind spot detection system. With this little microvan added to the Ford lineup, Ford dealerships are likely to be visited by a host of curious visitors looking to see this little van for themselves. Get ready to see a bunch of these traveling our roadways when they become available. They have a lot to offer in a small package and with good looks to boot.

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