TOP BEAUTY WOMEN : Prof: Latina cancers to soar in U.S.

Posted on 13 April 2009


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Breast, cervical and other cancers in U.S. Hispanic women will soar in the next 40 years, a health professor says, calling for improved cancer screenings.

“It’s just going to explode,” University of Illinois professor Lydia Buki said. “It’s really a train wreck waiting to happen, and we’re not doing enough to anticipate women’s needs. Even right now, we are not doing a good job of providing services for these women.”

Hispanic women must become more aware of the significance and value of cancer screenings and easy access to places for screenings, Buki said.

The expected surge in cancers will come with a projected tripling of the U.S. Hispanic population by 2050, Buki said.

Screening for cancer can lead to earlier diagnosis, which in turn may extend life, research suggests.

“It’s women knowing the importance (of cancer screening) and at the same time, being able to access information and screening services,” Buki said. “Also, we need to provide information and access to support services to women already diagnosed.”

Buki, a licensed psychologist and professor of community health, contributed a chapter on cancer screening among Latino populations in the “U.S. Handbook of Latina/o Psychology.”

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